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Cross Flow Fan

Our AC shaded pole motors and cross flow fans feature outstanding characteristics and excellent performance. With their reasonable prices, they are also used in a wide array of applications, including electric ovens, microwave ovens, electric fireplaces, electric refrigerators, barbeques, UV dish sterilizer, fan heaters, exhaust fans, halogen ovens, and more. We will do everything possible to supply you with an on time delivery, excellent prices and outstanding services.

Low installation height
Low noise levels due to additional twist in the blades
Other sizes are available upon request
Cross-flow fan wheels are normally made using aluminum as the standard material.

Durable construction
Efficient performance
Durable and reliable
Flows along the circumference of the runner
Corrosion resistant


  • Product

  • Carton packing

  • Logistical packing

  • Employees are loading the truck.

  • The goods are ready for delivery.


  • Low voltage staring test

  • Motor test 1

  • Motor test 2

  • Electrothermal blowing dry box

  • High voltage test

  • Tracking test apparatus

  • Ball pressure tester

  • Laboratory

  • Forced air dryer with digital displayer

  • Salt spray test

  • Hardness test

Work Flow:

  • Winding process

  • Taping process

  • Assembling process

  • Locking screws

  • Testing

  • Packing of AC shaded pole motor

  • Packing of cross flow fan