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Shaded Pole Motor

Our shaded pole motors are made of high quality materials, allowing them to be used in harsh environments where a traditional motor doesn’t work, while still maintaining an excellent working performance. With the continuous development of new science and technology, our production techniques have improved in order to enhance user experiences and extend the application range of the shaded pole motors. Shaded pole motors are available in a variety of types, including an outer rotor brushless DC motor, shaded pole micro motor, shaded pole asynchronous motor and more.

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep a shaded pole motor working at premium performance levels, throughout the duration of the service life. This maintenance is easy, and shown here. If the motor is not going to be used for a prolonged period of time, simply place the motor in a dry, ventilated place, away from exposure to sunlight. After using the motor, maintain the cleanliness. This is done by wiping the surface with a dry cloth to remove any foreign substances, which ensures a clean appearance and maintains overall performance. Last, do not allow the shaded pole motor to come into contact with sharp objects, as these can scratch the surface and lead to rusting, which impacts the overall performance.

1. Quality characteristics of the rotating parts in the motor are the most important factor in determining the performance and service life of the motor. We add special lubrication materials in oil where the bearing for the motor is located, allowing it to work with low noise levels for a long period of time. The stability, silence and durability are all ensured during operation.

2. The consistency of the batch quality in the motors is based on the consistency of motor windings. During the production process of enameled copper wire, we use an automatic wire winding robot controlled by a servo motor to ensure the error of the winding number on the motor is less than 5 (the error of the winding number on traditional semi-automatic winding machines often reaches up to 50). Each of our motor windings is tested by inner turn voltage testers on the production line to ensure the consistency of electrical properties in each motor.

Our AC shaded pole motor and cross flow fans feature excellent characteristics and performances, a reasonable price and wide application range. They are widely used in electric ovens, microwave ovens, electric fireplaces, electric refrigerators, barbecues, UV dish sterilizers, fan heaters, exhaust fans, halogen ovens, air curtain machines and more.

We will supply the best quality products, on time delivery, excellent prices, and outstanding services to all our customers. We will undertake every effort to provide you with the best service possible.


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Work Flow:

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