Miniature Brushless DC Water Pump for Beverages-ZGP2501-1

Brushless DC Water Pump Juicer / Coffee Maker Brushless DC Pump / Mini Foodgrade DC Pump

Technical Parameters:
Model Character ZGP2501-1
Working voltage range 4VDC-12VDC
Rated power 0.5~4W
Static water head 0.5~2 meters
Static flow rate 0.5 ~ 3L/min
Lifespan Continuous operation under normal working surrounding >20000H
Working Environment PH value: PH5-10( weak acid and weak base ), workable both on land and in water.
Max noise Under normal working condition,(1meter over the test instrument) <35dB
Max working temperature Under room temperature surroundings, fluid medium temperature≤100 ℃
Application Automatic teapot, water dispenser, coffee maker, etc.
Color Natural color, can be customized according to customer`s requirement
Outlet direction Can be adjustable at any angle
Dimension IP grade Inlet Outlet Remarks
Length(mm) Width(mm) Height (mm) OD(mm) ID(mm) OD(mm) ID(mm) Inlet has anti-slip strip
41.5 26.0 37.0 IP67 10.0 7.5 7.0 4.0

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