Brushless DC Solar Water Heater Pump, ZGP3505-1

Solar Water Heater Pump / DC Solar Water Heater Pump /Brushless DC Water Heater Pump

1. Aluminium materials
2. It can withstand at least 100 degC temperatures
3. Very low power consumption: within 25 watts
4. Can be powered by battery, solar panel, DC electricity
5. Works very quietly, within 35 db. noise
6. Heavy duty work, can works a whole day and night continuously
7. Long life time; More than 20000 hours
8. Zero maintenance, free charge after-sale service
9. FDA, CE, SGS, ROHS approved
10. Offered function: Blocked protection, polarity protection.

Customized Functions:
1. Overheat protection
2. Over voltage protection
3. Over current protection
4. Run-Dry protection
5. Delayed start protection

Technical Parameters:
Model Character ZGP3505-1 (Aluminum completely)
Working voltage range 6VDC-24VDC
Rated power 3~25W
Static water head 0.5~6 meters
Static flow rate 5~ 12L/min
Lifespan Continuous operation under normal working surrounding>20000H
Working Environment PH value: PH5-10(weak acid and weak base), workable both on land and in water.
Max noise Under normal working condition,(1meter over the test instrument)<35dB
Max working temperature Under room temperature surroundings, fluid medium temperature≤100℃
Application Solar water heater, portable bath machine, mobile air conditioner, solar fountain, aquarium, etc.
Color Black color, can be customized according to customer`s requirements
Outlet direction Can be adjustable at any angle
Dimension IP grade Inlet Outlet Remarks
Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) OD (mm) ID (mm) OD (mm) ID (mm) Aluminum alloy materials
83.2 40.0 88 IP67 G1/2 standard screw φ13 G1/2 standard screw φ13

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