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Brushless DC Water Pump

Our DC brushless pumps and DC motors have a long lifespan of more than 20,000 hours, as well as a high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, stable speed, environmentally friendly performance, no interference with electric circuits and no sparks. These pumps are widely used in coffee makers, electric tea pots, air purifiers, portable bathing equipment, showers, foot massagers, electric vehicles, cars, engineers, solar water circulation systems, solar water heaters, fountains, aquariums, water circulators, coolant filtration systems for computers and air conditioners, water coolant systems for electric appliances, medical equipment, automotive supplies, industrial equipment and more.

Brushless DC Pump Features

A. Low Noise
1. A motor structure is used.
2. The mechanical noise is reduced due to the use of high precision components.
3. By changing the magnetic rotor’s magnetic impulse mode (using an oblique magnetic force), the water pump (motor)’s electromagnetic noise is reduced.
4. Water pumps are important parts of the procurement for high quality engineering plastics and aluminum alloy materials. They guarantee the high temperature and high speed of various parts with no deformations.

B. High Efficiency
1. Low loss silicone steel sheet
2. A highly efficient magnetic rotor is used.
3. The control circuit uses high quality MOS to reduce the circuit loss.

C. Highly Reliable
1. The high temperature resistant coating line and engineering plastic materials increase the safety margin.
2. The control circuit uses a non-Holzer induction control circuit.
3. The control circuit features an over current protection, over voltage protection, and also achieves the potential speed or PWM signal speed.

D. Safe and Compact Size
1. After the product is assembled, filled with epoxy and fully sealed, the pump stator’s waterproof level is IP68.
2. The products use high quality engineering plastics, as well as a variety of colors in the engineering plastics. They are exposed to a sandblasting and fuel injection technology (including processing) which gives the machine its high quality appearance.
3. The aluminum alloy water pump inlet can be directly connected to the water tap pipe. The pressure reaches up to 1MPa.

Easy Test Methods for Brushless DC Pump Functions:
After you receive a sample or the product itself, users can use a flow meter to test the flow rate, and use a pressure meter to test the water head if possible. If you do not have this equipment, the tests can also be carried out using the steps listed below.

1. Visual measurement of the appearance:
This is done to check the appearance of the pump manually, to see if the pump is broken, damaged, if the glue is coming off, if it is not centered, dirty or any other distortions.

2. Test the parameters of the pump:
To test the water head and flow rate according to our test report, users need to have the following equipment:
a. Adjustable DC electrical source (1)
b. Water tank or bottle (1)
c. Measuring glass (1)
d. Transparent rubber hose (2) (The length of the hose can be as long as that of the pump inlet and outlet houses. A single hose is fine if you are only testing the water head)
e. Twist switch (1)
f. Red wire and black wire with two clamps
g. Timer (to test the flow rate per minute) (1)
h. Tape ruler (1) (This tests the water lift)

3. Calibration Equipment
A. Turn on the adjustable DC electrical source a. Turn the current button to its maximum position.
b. Turn the input voltage to the real voltage of the pump (supplied by us)

B. Place the DC brushless pump (submersible pump) into the water tank and add tap water (or clean water) into the tank slowly until the water level is over 20 cm of the pump inlet.
C. To connect the rubber hose to the pump outlet, straighten the rubber hose in order to make it fix tightly in a vertical manner to the horizontal plane.
D. Connect the red wire to the twist switch in the series, then connect the red and black wire with a clamp to the DC electrical source. (The red wire is for the positive pole, the black, for the negative pole. DO NOT reverse them.)
E. Make sure the twist switch is powered off, then attach the other ends of the red and black wire (with clamps) to the positive and negative poles on the pump respectively.
F. Check each step to ensure you have followed them correctly.

4. Tests
A. Water Head Test:
a. Turn on the twist switch. The pump should start to operate.
b. Watch the current and voltage on the DC electrical source carefully. The voltage should be set at one we determine (check the test report we have provided), and should not be more than 5%.
c. Watch the height of the water flowing up. When the water overflows, measure the height.

B. Test the flow rate
a. When the pump works normally, test the water (liter per minute) that comes out of the pump in a single minute. The tolerance of the flow rate value should be within 5%.
b. Ensure no objects block the inlet of the pump.
c. The rubber hose should have no air inside or any other objects blocking it. If there is, turn off the power and remove the air or blocks, clean the rubber hose to ensure there is no water inside, and turn the power on once more to test.
d. To check if the rubber hose is completely connected to the pump outlet, make sure there is no leakage.

C. Leakage Test
a. Connect the transparent rubber hose to the inlet of the pump, and the second hose to the outlet of the pump. Suitable lengths for both hoses is 10cm.
b. When the pump works and water is leaving, keep the inlet hose in the water, and block the outlet tightly to check for leakage.

Other Features
1. Food grade materials
2. This submersible pump can withstand temperatures ranging from 70°C to 100°C.
3. A low power consumption: The brushless DC solar pump consumes a range of 4 to 12 watts of power.
4. This pump is powered through a battery, solar panel or DC electricity.
5. The solar pump works quietly, with only 30 dB of noise.
6. With its heavy duty performance, the submersible solar pump is capable of 24 hours of continuous work.
7. The service life is extremely long, at more than 20,000 hours.
8. Each pump features a very small need for maintenance, which is provided free of charge during after sales service.
9. This pump is FDA, CE, SGS and RoHS certified.
10. Offered functions include block protection and polarity protection.

Customized Functions:
1. Overheat protection
2. Over voltage protection
3. Over current protection
4. Run-Dry protection
5. Delayed start protection


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