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Brushless DC Motor

A brushless DC motor is comprised of the motor body and a driver. It is typically a mechatronic product.

Advantages of the DC Brushless Motor
The DC brushless motor is known for its high efficiency, power and torque density, low power consumption, low safe working voltage, long service life, high torque overload characteristics, large starting torque and the small starting current.

Our DC brushless pumps and DC motors have a service life of more than 20,000 hours, and are used in a wide array of applications, including coffee machines, electric tea pots, air cleaners, portable bath machines, showers, foot massages, electric vehicles, cars, engines, solar water circulation systems, solar water heaters, fountains, aquariums, water circulating and cooling for air conditioners and computers, water cooling of electrical appliances, crafts, medical equipment, automotive supplies, industrial automation, pressurization of house pipes, irrigation pipes, water supply pipes for skyscrapers, office equipment, environmental protection equipment and power equipment.


  • Low voltage staring test

  • Motor test 1

  • Motor test 2

  • Electrothermal blowing dry box

  • High voltage test

  • Tracking test apparatus

  • Ball pressure tester

  • Laboratory

  • Forced air dryer with digital displayer

  • Salt spray test

  • Hardness test

Work Flow:

  • Winding process

  • Taping process

  • Assembling process

  • Locking screws

  • Testing

  • Packing of AC shaded pole motor

  • Packing of cross flow fan