Brushless DC Crossflow Fan for Air Cleaner, ZGM3725-30260

Air Purifier Crossflow Fan / DC Crossflow Fan / Air Purification DC Crossflow Fan

Technical Parameters:
Model Character ZGM3725-30260
Working voltage range 6VDC-24VDC
Rated power range 3~6W
Load Speed 2000~3500R/min
Wind Speed 2~6M/S
Max lifespan Continuous operation under normal working surrounding>20000H
Rotation direction CCW
Max noise Continuous operation under normal working condition, (1 meter over the test instrument)<45dB
Color Silver color/ Black electrophoresis
Main Application Electric oven, electric fireplace, heater, air cleaner, clothes hanger, wardrobe,etc.

Related Names of DC Brushless Blower For Air Cleaner ZGM3725-30260:
Brushless dc cross flow fan , DC brushless high speed blower , high speed dc blower