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Brushless DC Crossflow Fan

Advantages to a DC Brushless Blower
1. Highly Efficient, Low Power Consumption Due to the usage of a permanent magnetic field, (also known as excitation), power loss of the induction motor due to the excitation is prevented, which allows this motor to operate in a synchronous operation mode. This also prevents frequency conversion loss in the motor’s rotor core. This gives the brushless DC motor a better operating efficiency than that of a traditional induction motor, and also increases the power capacity of the motor.

2. High Power Factor Because the DC brushless motor’s excitation magnetic field requires no grid to reactivate the current, the power factor is much higher than a traditional induction motor.

3. Excellent and simple speed control performance Compared to a traditional induction motor, the speed control of the brushless DC motor is simple and features a better performance.

4. Compact size, low noise, long service life The DC brushless blower features a service life of more than 20,000 hours.

The DC brushless pumps, motors and crossflow fans are widely used in electric ovens, microwave ovens, electric fireplaces, refrigerators, barbecues, UV dish sterilizers, fan heaters. Exhaust fans, halogen ovens, and more.

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