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Service and Technology

Service Spirit
We are always honest with our customers, and place them first. We sincerely welcome visitors to our company, and will do everything possible to satisfy all of your product needs. Customer requirements is the base of our success and operations, and we aim to meet and exceed all customer requirements for cross flow fans and motor technology.

Zhuogao Motor continuously implements 3 in 1 operation strategies for technology, quality and service, meaning we use innovative technology, outstanding quality and top of the line service to work with our customers and create a better future.

1. Pre-sales Service
We offer both OEM and ODM services. All products and their specifications are customized to customer requirements. Simply tell us what purpose the motor is needed for, what appliance it is needed for, and the working conditions. After we have received your specifications, we will recommend the right product for your needs.

2. After Sales Services
Our normal warranty period is 18 months from the date we mark on the products. During that 18 month period, we offer free maintenance and technical support for installation, use, maintenance, and problem solving. We will also provide replacements for defective products for issues caused by the product itself. We do not charge a labor cost for maintenance, but we will charge for the cost of materials for damaged components. Customers are also responsible for shipping costs.

Customer feedback is welcome for any problems or complaints. Simply fill out a client compliant process sheet and send it to us within the warranty period, and we will respond within one business day, and try to solve your problem as quickly as possible. After testing our samples or using our products, we also welcome feedback. We will take your comments and advice and use it to continue improving our products and services.

3. Customized Designs
All products and their technical parameters are customized according to your requirements. We can design a new model and open mold to meet your needs. Simply contact us.

Technical Support

We have a number of professional experts and engineers, all dedicated to the design and research of AC shaded pole motors, cross flow fans, brushless DC pumps, DC motors and DC blowers. We have our own R&D team, technology process department and production management department to ensure quality and delivery.