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Our Strength

Production Capacity
Monthly output: 50,000 pieces/month. All required production equipment, tools and employees ensure the production capacity, and most production processes are carried out in an automated mode.

R&D Abilities
We have our own R&D department, as well as a sample engineering department. The R&D department is responsible for new product design, product structure and performance improvements. The sample engineering department is responsible for the confirmation of samples before ordering, as well as the preparation of samples for testing according to customer requirements. In order to ensure customers receive a high quality sample, the sample department is also responsible for improving sample performance.

  • Shaded-pole Motor Workshop

  • Laboratory

Product Advantages:

1. Industry Leader
We have specialized in the production of AC shaded pole motors, cross flow fans, DC brushless pumps, DC brushless motors and DC brushless fans for more than 10 years. We have our own R&D center and engineering department.

2. Professional, attentive services
We have a pre-sales service department, a sales service department and after-sales service department to ensure our customers have access to service 24 hours a day.

3. Lower power consumption, high efficiency, high quality products
Our AC shaded pole motor and cross flow fans have unique characteristics and performances, as well as a reasonable price and wide range of usage. The DC brushless pump and other DC brushless products have an extremely long service life (more than 20,000 hours), and feature a high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, and stable speed.

4. Wide Application
Our products are widely used in electric ovens, microwave ovens, electric fireplaces, electric refrigerators, barbeques, disinfection cabinets, fan heaters, exhaust fans, halogen ovens, air curtain machines, coffee makers, electric tea pots, air purifiers and more.

5. Various Certifications
We have obtained CE, FC, SGS, IOS, FDA, ROHS< VDE and UL certifications. We have also been honored at the Canton Fair as a good supplier, a high tech private enterprise, and an excellent supplier as named by Midea, Kelon, Vatti, Redball and other prominent Chinese companies.

6. OEM and ODM Personal Customized Service
We offer OEM and ODM services, so that our entire product line can be customized to your specific requirements. We also have excellent management control, prompt replies to inquiries, reasonable prices, fast delivery services, outstanding after-sales services and excellent technology support for usage and problem solving. We also provide a one year guarantee on all products.